We support leaders and their organizations to create a positive future.

About be radical.

With the emergence of new technologies and the pace of change accelerating, we have a massive opportunity to realize a different and positive future for ourselves, our businesses and the world. At the same time long-established innovations methods, frameworks, and tools become obsolete. New possibilities are emerging for the better.

You boldly embrace the future and see opportunities where others see challenges. So do we.

At our core, the be radical ‘insight lab’ researches, creates and delivers proprietary, bleeding-edge insights, giving you and your company a competitive edge in preparing your business for the future. Be it in the form of highly engaging and igniting, in-person keynotes and workshops, or via our easily accessible content channels including online/video learning and books (print/digital), we ensure you and your team are equipped with the knowledge and tools to build your ‘future organization’.

Our boutique consultancy division engages with clients globally to implement be radical’s insights. We typically support entrepreneur-led businesses with innovation strategy and implementation. be radical’s exclusive expert network, bringing world-leading experts who are all practitioners together, serves as an extended braintrust, made available exclusively to you as be radical’s clients.

We come from a place of simple and true. We cut through the noise. We advocate for common sense. We establish a common practice. We share all our research. We do not BS. We help you help yourself. We care about you, your business, and our world. And we are in it for the long-term — together.

We only work with people who want to be radically different, who want to have a massive impact at scale, and who build things that matter.

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