Pascal Finette is a globally-renowned public speaker covering topics from digitization, technology trends, new business models, decentralized innovation.

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Co-Founder at be radical, SingularityU’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation, VC at BOLD Capital Partners. Former Google, Mozilla, eBay. Also Exec Coach &

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Pascal is Co-Founder at be radical, and Singularity University’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation. Pascal is also a Venture Partner at BOLD Capital Partners, Peter Diamandis' $250M VC fund. Previously he held leadership positions at, Mozilla, and eBay, built technology startups, launched a Venture Capital firm. He is the posse leader at, and is a general upstart when it comes to creating meaningful change.

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Pascal is Co-Founder (and enfant terrible) at be radical, Singularity University’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation, and Venture Partner at BOLD Capital Partners, Peter Diamandis' $250M VC fund investing in exponential transformation His work focuses on the intersection of technology, global impact, and culture; inspiring, educating and empowering entrepreneurs, corporate irritants and change makers to tackle the most intractable problems of our time.

He has spent his career pushing the boundaries of technology and passionately believes it can profoundly impact the betterment of humankind. He got started on the net before there was a web browser, founded a series of technology startups, led eBay’s Platform Solutions Group in Europe, launched a consulting firm helping entrepreneurs with their strategy & operations, and invested into early-stage tech startups. Pascal led Mozilla’s Open Innovation Lab, created Mozilla’s accelerator program WebFWD, and headed up Mozilla’s Office of the Chair. As Principal at, he invested into social impact organizations around the globe. Most recently he built Singularity University’s startup programs including the SU Accelerator and Venture Fund. Further, he founded the nonprofit organizations Mentor for Good and The Coaching Fellowship; the “GyShiDo” (Get Your S%#& Done) movement and publishes the opinionated newsletter, “The Heretic”, which is read by tens of thousands of change-makers globally. He’s the author of the published book “The Heretic - Daily Therapeutics for Entrepreneurs”.

Pascal frequently speaks and writes about the magic and potential which happens at the intersection of technology, culture & global impact. He is also a trained Co-Active executive coach working with clients on achieving their full leadership potential. Most of all – Pascal loves to work with changemakers who want to, and can, make things better.

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Today Pascal wears (mostly) four hats:
  • Singularity University’s Chair for Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation
  • Co-Founder at ‘be radical‘, an boutique advisory firm
  • Venture Partner at BOLD Capital Partners, Peter Diamandis' $250M VC fund
  • Co-Founder at The Coaching Fellowship, the world's largest pro-bono executive coaching organization for young women of impact
Before this, he:
  • Built a $1BN business unit as an early employee at eBay Europe
  • Developed frontier technologies at Mozilla Firefox
  • Managed a $150M per year philanthropic fund at
  • Built (so far) a VC Fund, two global non-profits, three companies and an art gallery
  • Taught Pilates for US Olympians