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Pascal Finette is a globally-renowned and acclaimed public speaker, covering topics from disruption, digitization, technology trends, organizational and cultural transformation, new business models, decentralized innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship, in formats ranging from high-profile keynotes to workshops and executive roundtables.

Anchored in his experience as a trained economist and with more than twenty years of experience in the technology industry, he has helped thousands of clients see the future of exponential technology, how economic models are shifting to identify new opportunities and develop successful disruptive business strategies. As an innovative and impactful keynote speaker, Pascal will bring this expertise to your audience, blending frontier technologies, and thought-provoking knowledge with deeply engaging, refreshingly honest, and highly motivating presentations.

Pascal is a master at drawing audiences into a spellbinding future where artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biology, and other exponential technologies solve humanity’s greatest challenges. His presentations make sense of our rapidly accelerating, changing and converging world — cutting through the noise, synthesizing the essentials and connecting the dots to prepare your company or career for the exciting opportunities ahead.

Called a “prophet” by Germany’s leading TV station ARD, featured in a primetime documentary about Silicon Valley (ARD: “Go West, Ihr Genies!” — watch here), on the cover of Brazil's leading business magazine Epoca Negócios, and voted one of the top 100 Internet influencers by Wirtschaftswoche, Pascal’s work is on the edge of technology, entrepreneurship, transformation and global impact.

Pascal is a frequent speaker and lecturer at several acclaimed universities and businesses schools around the world, including Berkeley Haas School of Business, Stanford University, London Business School, International Institute for Management Development (IMB), European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), HEC Paris, and ESADE.

He’s the author of the book “The Heretic - Daily Therapeutics for Entrepreneurs”, contributed to many bestselling business books including “The GuruBook” and “Revolution? Ja, Bitte!” and is currently working on a new book about the future of organizations and business models.

Learn more about him and watch some of his talks below (and see his talks and media appearances on his YouTube Channel), check out his resume and get in touch to discuss your event and how we can create an unforgettable experience for your audience together.

A Sample of Pascal’s Talks

Thriving in Exponential Times. Understanding how tomorrow will be different than today and why that matters more than you know.

The world is changing faster than ever and the future will be here before you know it. To survive, it’s not enough to know it’s coming. You have to be able to imagine it. You’ll learn about exponential technologies, their impact on the world and how to capitalize on the change we’re all experiencing by thinking beyond it. Because if you only set your sights on what’s coming next, you’re already too late.
Pascal’s most booked keynote, ideal as a conference opener.

Thriving in Exponential Times

Hourglass Economics. Adapt and Thrive as the Hourglass Economy Expands.

The most fundamental change in the marketplace over the last 40 years is that product pyramids are turning into hourglasses, and the middle is disappearing before our very eyes. Sending massive ripple effects through the global economy. Over the last decade, we have identified and tracked this seismic shift. In this session you will learn insights and strategies taken from our new book "The Hourglass Economy" to ensure your company adapts to exponential shifts in technology and markets to survive and thrive. Filled with case studies and actionable tools this session unfolds as the story of your business’s relationship with the future.
Our newest talk in Singularity University’s Executive Program.

Hourglass Economics

Decentralized Innovation. New Paradigms for an Exponential World.

In a world of accelerating change, where business models get disrupted daily, and your competition looks nothing like it used to, how do you not only stay relevant but leapfrog forward? The future of innovation today belongs to the crowd who can outperform and outcompete closed systems. You will learn from first-hand experience how to harness the power of decentralized ideas, resources, and skills; how to bridge untapped geographies and leverage innovation at the edges.
A staple talk in Singularity University’s Executive Program.

Decentralized Innovation

The Future (of) Organization(s). A Radical Toolbox for an Exponential Future.

While technologies are maturing exponentially, organizational structures and processes remain stubbornly linear. Yesterday's best-practices – like the Five-Year-Plan or Innovation Funnel – are not sufficient to navigate today's fast-paced, tech-driven world. Explore the groundbreaking new Seven-Layer model which describes and provides actionable insights into the makeup of the future organization. Learn why most companies fail in their digital transformation by only focussing on the upper layers of the model and how to truly transform your business into a future-forward organization.
Called “brilliant” by leaders of the largest companies in the world.

The Future (of) Organization(s)

 Disruption, Dystopia and Decisions. From Exponential Disruption to Global Impact.

The world is changing faster than ever before, and disruptive change has become the new norm; while for the first time in human history, individuals/people/communities have the same innovation power as large companies and even nations. How will you thrive and capitalize on the change we’re all experiencing? And how will the decisions you make affect us all?
Pascal’s thought-provoking and deeply inspirational closing keynote (another staple session at SingularityU).

 Disruption, Dystopia and Decisions.

Rapid Prototyping (Workshop). Develop Products and Services 10x Better in 1/10th the Time.

This highly interactive and practical session will teach you the ins & outs of how Silicon Valley’s most innovative companies create, build and test services & products in less time it takes most of us to convene a single meeting. You will leave armed with the tools of the trade.
Another key session in SingularityU’s various programs.

Rapid Prototyping Workshop

Entrepreneurship Accelerated. Crack the Silicon Valley Code, Do More With Less and Reach Escape Velocity.

Silicon Valley has a well-earned reputation for being the world’s most innovative startup ecosystem. Peel back the curtains and explore the secrets powering the leading tech companies. You will leave with an unprecedented practical insight into Silicon Valley’s startup culture.
Highly rated talk at entrepreneurship programs around the world.

Digitization Decoded. Decipher the Secret Code Giving Companies Like Apple, Google or Uber Their Edge.

Revealing the underlying principles used by the leading tech companies to drive their digital strategy, you will learn the molecular structure of disruptive digitization and apply it to create new products, services, and business models which are ten times better, faster and cheaper.
A favorite amongst the strongly business-minded participants.

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