Learning Partner Program


Hi! 👋

We are so excited to have you be part of our Learning Partner Program and community. We created this program for people just like you: The partners we are most excited to learn and collaborate with in the years ahead.

The program has a whole bunch of components – this page is your go-to-guide for all of them. We update this page regularly, so maybe it is a good idea to bookmark it. And if you have any questions – just ask! Either via email or on Slack.


First things first: The Newsletter

As you might have seen by now, we operate the Learning Partner Program on Email Octopus, a newsletter platform. You will receive our regular and public be radical Briefing, as well as the occasional special Learning Partner Briefing through Email Octopus.

Secondly: Learning Partner Mailing List

We communicate regularly with you through our internal mailing list. You receive these emails from either Jane’s or Pascal’s personal email address. Every Monday we send out a “What’s happening this week” email. In addition we send you special invites, updates and discounts through this channel.

If you find you aren’t receiving these emails (it happens occasionally), make sure you add our email addresses to your address book [email protected] and [email protected]

Lastly: The Heretic

You might, or might not, know that Pascal publishes a bi-weekly newsletter on “leadership in exponential times”. It’s been going since 2012, has more than 1,100 posts and is (very) short and (very) to the point. Check it out and maybe subscribe. It’s fun.

The Heretic


Talking about community: Slack

We have invited you to a private Slack community, which we use extensively for facilitating new connections and conversation on topics of shared interest. Make sure you introduce yourself to the wider community in the #introductions channel. And if you like, join the #random-coffee channel on Slack as well. After you join, you will be matched with another member of the Learning Partner community every Monday for a virtual coffee meetup. Once you are matched, all you need to do is to ping your fellow #random-coffee match and arrange a date/time/place to meet. It’s a wonderful way to meet like-minded people!

Learning Partner Slack Community


A big part of our Program: Getting Together

We love building community while building knowledge, and our events are a big part of this. Every first Thursday of the month we come together for our Open Coffee meetup where we discuss a wide variety of topics, typically kicked off by a prompt we send out via email in advance. Bring your beverage of choice and join the community on Zoom.

Every six to eight weeks we invite you to join us for a Learning Exchange. These sessions are typically 90 minutes, and cover our latest research, insights, tools and frameworks. We invite experts from our extended network to lead additional sessions, and all sessions will be recorded and made available in our video archive.

Invites for all these sessions will come through the Learning Partner Mailing List and will also be shared on Slack.


For when you couldn’t make it: Video Archive

We have a growing library of Learning Partner-exclusive video content. From recordings of past Learning Exchanges, sessions from experts in our network, to specially created and curated content for you.

Learning Partner-exclusive Video Library

A Learning Partner-exclusive: Disrupt Disruption

Intimate and uncut video interviews with practitioners and thought-leaders in the innovation and disruption space.

The Learning Partner-exclusive Disrupt Disruption Interviews

Another Learning Partner-exclusive: The NBS Show

Jeffrey and I dissect a trend, weak signal, or hotness-of-the-week and tear into it – sorting the wheat from the chaff. It’s short, to the point and, well, no-BS.

The Learning Partner-exclusive NBS Show

(*) Please note that both sites are password-protected. We have sent you the password via email and Slack – just ping us if you need it again.


Sometimes you just want to hear it: Audio Archives

We semi-regularly record intimate conversations with thought leaders on the topic of “disruption”:

And do listen to Pascal’s The Heretic as a Podcast:

Everything Else.

All the other things.

Don’t we all want to feel like Charlie from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” every once in a while? We give out our own Golden Tickets for our paid programs and events to Learning Partners – giving you a nice, juicy discount. We will let you know about these via our Mailing List and Slack.

And do check out all these other great, open and free resources from us at be radical:

Online Courses

Field Guides


Last, but absolutely, definitely, 100%, surely not least: Do ping us if there is anything we can do to make your stay with us a more pleasant one. 🙏

Your friends from be radical.