Get the knowledge and tools necessary to future-forward your organization.

radical Futures
Activation Program.

radical Futures is a unique activation program designed to equip you and your leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to future-forward your organization. Your leaders need to deeply understand exponential technologies and their impact on the world, as well as learn how to capitalize on these disruptive forces at work. Our team and renown domain experts and practitioners will work with you to co-design a program specific to your situation and needs, providing expert advice to support your organization in a longer-term engagement.

What benefits will we get?

  • Develop an intellectual and visceral understanding of the disruptive change driven by exponential technologies
  • Deep-dive into specific technologies as they relate to your organization
  • Learn and apply tools and frameworks to maximize your opportunities in a highly ambiguous future
  • Contextualize these changes for your organization and your leaders to identify opportunities and threats
  • Refine existing and develop new product offerings and business models
  • Create excitement and a sense of urgency, combined with a strong sense of agency for your leadership team and company at large
  • Create a future-forward culture
  • Go “beyond the talk” and focus on the “so what now?”

How does it work?

A typical program consists of 4 core elements:

1 — Launchpad Module: In-person session with Pascal Finette – Navigating the Future: Exponential and Abundance Thinking

  • Awake Session
    Thriving in Exponential Times – Understanding how tomorrow will be different from today and why that matters more than you know.
  • Wayfinder Session
    Abstract: An open brainstorming discussion with the organization’s leaders to deeply contextualize, digest, and debrief what exponential change means for the future of your business.

2 — Explorer Module: radical Expert Thought-Partner Sessions

Over the course of 6 months, the Explorer module is designed to give your participants a unique opportunity to learn from and collaborate with the radical Experts network. A carefully curated group of innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are world-renown thought-leaders and also practitioners working across a variety of industries, will provide you with thought-leadership and expert advice specific to your needs.

Example Sessions:

  • Energy Transformation with Ramez Naam, Faculty Chair for Energy at Singularity University, consultant and investor
  • Additive Manufacturing with Samantha Snabes, Founder and CEO of re:3D, formerly NASA
  • Big Data / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence with Eli Bressert, Head of Siri Platform Science & Insight at Apple, formerly Netflix, Convoy

A selection of our experts can be found here.

3 — Integration Module: In-person session with Pascal Finette

Pascal Finette will deliver a closing keynote to revisit and summarize the journey your leaders have just completed. Content will be created and delivered depending on the bespoke agreed structure and outcomes of the expert sessions. Your leadership team will participate in a final workshop with Pascal to build and develop a robust roadmap towards achieving a positive future for your organization. Individual and group work activities will be facilitated to initiate and sustain organizational change.

4 — Field & Research Centre

Throughout the engagement, you will have access to an exclusive private online community where you engage with the radical team and their Expert network, as well as gain access to radical’s latest research and insights.

We are waiting to discuss your needs and answer your questions. Please email us at or complete our inquiry form, and we will be in touch shortly.