Get ready to FutureFWD Yourself.

August 2020 Edition


FutureFWD You.

Take Control of the Future.

Learn from radical experts Pascal Finette and Jeffrey Rogers how to understand, contextualize and navigate the future.

The FutureFWD (“Future Forward”) program is the latest next-level learning experience from be radical. Armed with unique insights, frameworks and a practical toolbox for futures-thinking and leading in complex environments, you will leave the program inspired, empowered and equipped to create a radically new future.

Join the FutureFWD August Cohort, a 2-week intensive learning experience designed for business professionals. Packed with learning and connection with your fellow participants – you will get:

  • Four live online 90 minutes learning sessions
  • Four fieldwork assignments and debriefs to deepen your learning and make new connections between sessions
  • Two Community Exchange sessions where we’ll connect you with the larger be radical community
  • Two special “ask us anything” Q&A sessions with your instructors
  • Unlimited access to three online courses and the recordings of your live online sessions
  • Supplemental reading materials, podcasts & videos, and template worksheets
  • Full six-month access to our Digital Learning Partner program (including the archive) to continue your learning journey

Stacey Brewer

"An enlightening masterclass on how new technologies and digital are impacting the future of business. I left with the abilities to ‘drive’ into the future as opposed to be a passenger along for the ride!"
Stacey Brewer, CEO, eAdvance


Aug 24 – Sep 5,




Pascal Finette &
Jeffrey Rogers

August/September dates don't work for you? Sign up for our October class!

What you will learn.

Join the two-week FutureFWD program, where you will:
  • Learn about the latest technology trends and how they apply to your business
  • Discover the fundamental shifts in markets, explore the best innovation models and spot new opportunities
  • Create your company‘s core and edge innovation/disruption strategy
  • Develop an exponential and abundant mindset
  • Become a practical futurist, spot weak signals and make accurate predictions about the future
  • Navigate complexity, manage polarities, explore adaptive practices and expand your exponential leadership edge
  • Design a compelling vision for your future and learn how to use the power of story to create change within yourself and your organization
  • Extend and deepen the conversation through a six-month membership to our unique Digital Learning Partner community

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Who Will Benefit

Future FWD is specifically designed to help leaders, founders and their organizations understand, contextualize and navigate the future. You know that the decision-making environment and business landscape are rapidly evolving. We will support and accelerate your organization’s transformation with proven strategies, practical tools and frameworks & a new conceptual vocabulary for communicating your vision of change.

Salim Dewji

"Truly outstanding! This dynamic duo delivered immediate take-to-work value."
Salim Dewji, Event Chair, YPO Gold Africa at Large


The live online classes will be hosted in a secure Zoom room. You will receive a personal welcome and onboarding kit upon signup.

Live Online Session #1
Where We Are & Where We're Going

We open with a few quick interactions designed to help you rapidly connect with new thought partners while exploring mindset, values & purpose. In the second part of the session, we unpack drivers and dynamics of accelerating change. You’ll learn to spot weak signals, to assess five determining factors which turn weak into strong signals and to apply the futurist framework to identify business opportunities.

Live Online Session #2
Disrupt Disruption

Disruption is fundamentally different from innovation. Together we will explore those differences, the main forces leading to disruption and common challenges companies and their people encounter when it comes to embracing disruptive change. The session culminates in a practical exploration of the core/edge concept and how to apply it to your organization.

Live Online Session #3
Navigating Complexity

Leaders face a class of challenges – complexity and polarities – which exist not as problems to be solved but rather as tensions to be managed, and the value of learning to manage these tensions effectively through polarity-thinking only increases as complexity and the pace of change in our systems increase. We’ll delve into these concepts and the nature of adaptive challenges head-on, and come away with a set of practices suited to learning our way through an uncertain present and toward a better, more resilient future.

Live Online Session #4
Prototyping Your Future Self

Organizational transformation and cultural change never stick if you don’t work to transform the individual as well. We’ll unpack three specific sites for personal development and change (mindset, behavior, narrative) and explore both theory and practice around each. Participants will leave the session with a new understanding of WHY we often fail to make the changes we say we want to achieve and HOW to build adaptability as a muscle going forward.

Additional Resources & Tools
  • Full six-month access to the Digital Learning Partner program (including the full archive of program resources)
  • Unlimited access to three online courses
  • Two special Q&A sessions with your instructors
  • Two Community Exchange sessions
  • Reading materials, worksheets and field work


One Week Until Launch

Monday, August 17

Your Welcome Package Arrives

Saturday, August 22

Pre-Course (Audio): Introduction to the Exponential Era


Monday, August 24 (8am – 9:30am PDT)

Live Online Session #1: Where We Are & Where We're Going

Wednesday, August 26

Online Course: Disruption Mapping

Thursday, August 27 (8am – 9:30am PDT)

Live Online Session #2: Disrupt Disruption

Friday, August 28 (12pm – 1pm PDT)

Community Exchange Session (Optional)

Saturday, August 29 (8am – 9:30am PDT)

FutureFWD Open Q&A (Optional)

Monday, August 31 (8am – 9:30am PDT)

Live Online Session #3: Navigating Complexity

Wednesday, September 2

Online Course: Decentralized Innovation

Thursday, September 3 (8am – 9:30am PDT)

Live Online Session #4: Inner Mastery to Outer Impact

Friday, September 4 (12pm – 1pm PDT)

Community Exchange Session (Optional)

Saturday, September 5 (8am – 9:30am PDT)

FutureFWD Open Q&A (Optional)


Meet Your Instructors.

Pascal Finette

Pascal Finette

Pascal is Co-Founder at be radical, and Singularity University’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation. Pascal is also a Venture Partner at BOLD Capital Partners, Peter Diamandis' $250M VC fund. Previously he held leadership positions at, Mozilla, and eBay, built technology startups, launched a Venture Capital firm. He is the posse leader at, and is a general upstart when it comes to creating meaningful change.
Jeffrey Rogers

Jeffrey Rogers

Jeffrey is Principal Learning & Facilitation at be radical. Jeffrey is passionate about lifelong learning and designing unique learning experiences that build knowledge while also building community. He’s been a top-rated facilitator and moderator of executive education programs and international summits at Singularity University and has been featured as a guest lecturer and workshop leader at UC Berkeley Haas, the Hasso Plattner Institute at Stanford, and the Empowerment Summit at ECAL in Lausanne.

Join a radical Network.

Our students are a global and diverse community of executives from Fortune 500 companies and SMBs. They are start-up entrepreneurs and family-owned business leaders.

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Comments from previous FutureFWD participants.

Navin Valrani

Navin Valrani, CEO, Arcadia Education
“To make well-informed strategic choices, leaders must understand how current trends will inform the next fifty years. This program gives us a real insight on future trends and how to develop the mindset to be able to spot opportunities that will arise from them. It is a must do for organizational leaders.”

Sithembiso Khumalo

Sithembiso Khumalo, Co-Founder, Lepsta
“This programme has been profoundly impactful to me and my business. Jeffrey and Pascal did a great job of distilling everything down into actionable insights. Network expansion is the cherry on top. I highly recommend it.”

Remo Siciliano

Remo Siciliano, Managing Director, Immersant
“FutureFWD left me with a clear understanding of what I need to do, how to put it into practice and a solid foundation to start from. It was the most valuable program I’ve done, changing the way I think about the future and how I engage with it.”

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Aug 24 – Sep 5,




Pascal Finette &
Jeffrey Rogers

August/September dates don't work for you? Sign up for our October class!

Last day to enroll is Friday August 7th 2020. Due to limited seating in each class, all ticket purchases are final. If you would like to discuss ‘enroll as a team’ options please reach out to discuss. Lastly, we’re always adding new classes, let us know if you’d like us to keep you up to date.

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