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About Essentials.

As the weight of information sinks in and you come to terms with a world which is not only constantly changing, but exponentially accelerating, it makes sense you will start to ask some bigger questions. Making sense of this begins with some deep questioning about what truly matters – we call them the essentials.

radical Essentials is a specially designed email series to help you get started on your awareness journey and to help you connect deeply to the exponential possibilities you want to harness.

Over the course of five weeks, you will receive an email each week. Each email acts as a pointer to walk yourself through – both as an invitation for introspection and to solidify what you’ve already been learning about transformative technologies and ideas.

What does this course consist of?

We will share insights, exercises, resources and reminders. This lightweight course is self-directed. We encourage you to take at least 60 minutes out of your week to review the information and complete the exercises.

Areas we will cover include:

  • Build What Matters – Know What You Value
  • Law of Accelerating Returns – Know Your Strengths
  • A World of Abundance – Shift Your Mindset
  • The Non-Linear Path – The Hero’s Journey
  • Invent the Future – Invest in Yourself

And… we did something radical:

Instead of charging you $59, we're giving it away for free.

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