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Briefing 0033. radical Briefing 0033: The Glide Slope Theory of Innovation

Earlier this week Apple introduced their own microprocessors for its line of desktop and laptop computers. Many industry observers consider this not only yet another bold move from Apple — one which will further differentiate the Cupertino-based co… → read

Briefing 0031. radical Briefing 0031: The Core/Edge KPI Conundrum

Much has been said and written about the necessity for organizations to establish a core/edge strategy. The argument typically goes something like this: As an organization embarks on its journey into the unchartered (and often choppy) waters of dis… → read

Briefing 0030. Better Questions and Creative Breakthroughs

Our friend Leyla Acaroglu has a wonderfully succinct way of capturing the difference between innovation and disruption. Incremental innovation essentially involves doing the same things a bit better. Breakthrough innovation means doing something ge… → read

Briefing 0029. Executive Education – Maybe Revolution is the Point

As schools around the world tentatively reopen, education systems and institutions face deep (and arguably overdue) scrutiny. The attention and conversation have understandably focused on the untenable structure of many primary education systems an… → read

Briefing 0028. Scenarios & Strategy through the Covid Looking Glass

One niche-market that may find significant upside in the pandemic economy: scenario planning. We recently heard from a colleague whose work as a scenario practitioner goes back to the heyday of Global Business Network, the pioneering consultancy f… → read

Briefing 0027. The State Change Theory of Disruption

You can’t open a business journal without having a headline scream “Disruption” at you (and yes, the irony is not lost on me that this very article carries the dreaded word in its title). It has become a word evoking both pangs of fear and terror, … → read

Briefing 0026. The radical Guide to Sitting Productively with Uncertainty

Step 1: See Your Uncertainty for What It Is You don’t have all the answers, and your state of not knowing is not unique. When The Conference Board, a business research firm, published their Measure of CEO Confidence report in Q1 of this year, the… → read

Briefing 0025. Sorting Strong Trends from Weak Signals

Looking into the second half of 2020, we see a world transformed and still transforming. The systemic shocks of the early COVID crisis have been followed by waves of response. Challenges have been targeted with novel (if not always successful) solu… → read

Briefing 0024. The Power & Practice of Polarity Thinking

Many of the most intractable and chronic issues facing leaders and decision makers feel so intractable and challenging precisely because they resist the modes of thinking and the problem-solving tools that we most readily deploy. One class of these… → read

Briefing 0023. Recovery Bets, Post-Covid Narratives & Buying into Certain Futures

Every investment carries within it a story about the future–about the ways that the pressures of today will shape tomorrow. We put money toward enabling the futures we’d like to see; we spend to ward off (or perhaps hedge against) the futures we fe… → read

Briefing 0022. From Pyramid to Hourglass — The New Shape of the Economy

The biggest change in our markets over the last 40 years is that the classic business school model of the Product Pyramid, typically built on top of the similarly entrenched Demand Curve, is crumbling before our very eyes. In its place, we are seei… → read

Briefing 0021. Gradually, then Suddenly… And Everything After: Contours of the Post-COVID Future

The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.” That quote, from a famous lecture by the late physicist Allen Bartlett on the earth’s ultimately limited carrying capacity, haunts our present. An… → read

Briefing 0020. Uncertainty, Transition & the Clarifying Power of a Focused Mission

The context of a global pandemic and the accompanying shock to markets provides a remarkable shit-hitting-fan moment for studying all sorts of organizational and system dynamics. The pressure is most visibly on governments to craft an effective res… → read

Briefing 0019. radical Expert Insight: Weak Signals & Creative Transitions with Gabriella Levine of X (Alphabet)

To borrow a line from the ever-prescient Will Ferrell, that escalated quickly. In the span of a few weeks — or even a few days — governments, organizations & leaders of both have found themselves faced with an urgent need to jettison common pr… → read

Briefing 0018. It's Not Complicated; it's Just Hard

The be radical team spent the latter half of February delivering our new immersive FutureFWD [“Future Forward”] program to business leaders in Dubai and Johannesburg. Since returning, we’ve been navigating the fog of jetlag and reflecting on new in… → read

Briefing 0017. The Signals Are Talking

“The signals are talking” — both the title of an excellent book on future forecasting by Amy Webb, as well as a good reminder to keep our eyes and ears open to the weak signals indicating disruptive change in the future. We have written about the … → read

Briefing 0016. How to Spot Spotty Forecasts

As people who are intensely fascinated by the future and spend a lot of time spotting, deciphering and debating weak signals, we come across many great pieces of research — and every once in a while some rather spotty forecasts. To help you naviga… → read

Briefing 0015. What We Can Learn From Autonomous Vehicles

Welcome back to the radical Briefing. One of the more curious things happening in the world today, and quite frankly something which keeps tripping up most (if not all) of us regularly, is what Ernest Hemingway once described as “Gradually, then su… → read

Briefing 0014. AI^3, AR/VR/XR and the Future of Bits

We live in interesting times. AI is maturing at an unprecedented rate. We are bombarded with breakthroughs in many areas which all amass to a huge pile of weak signals. And the days still only have 24 hours. This week we dig deep into AI (and hav… → read

Briefing 0013. Quantum Computing, AI, Blockchain and the Future of Building Houses

Welcome back to the radical briefing. In this edition we take a look at some of the buzziest buzzwords in the industry — and see them creep closer and closer from disappointment to disruption. The other day Peter Diamandis and I got to sit down an… → read

Briefing 0012. AI, Voice and Recommended Reading

Starting with this dispatch we want to change things up a little bit — as some of you know, we used to have a “radical Network” which was a community-hub running on the Basecamp platform. The idea was for us to have a space to share our latest insi… → read

Briefing 0011. Or You’ll Sink Like A Stone / Transformation – Your Next Leadership Skill / Meet radical Ally, Maxx Bricklin

Hi! Welcome to the radical Briefing 0011. Here’s a powerful question to get you thinking – when was the last time you considered your biases? Even when we think we aren’t creatures of habit, we are. A dear friend of ours recently shared a mini-exe… → read

Briefing 0010. Workplace Rituals and Your Lobby / The Immune System Response Vaccine / Meet radical Ally, Tom Chi

Hi! Welcome to the radical Briefing 0010. Here is a low ball question to get us started… (!) When you think about the future – does it fill you with dread and fear or hunger and excitement? Why are we asking? We are firm believers we will build th… → read

Briefing 0009. The Markets They Are a-Changin’ / How do you make a complex long term decision?

Hi! Welcome to the radical Briefing 0009. One of the core tenets of our work is to have you not only think about the future but also to ‘feel’ it. As humans, we excel at linear thinking. So when technology is expanding on an exponential curve, how… → read

Briefing 0008. Words Matter / The Case for Boredom / Meet radical Ally, Mary Grove

Hi! Welcome to the radical Briefing 0008. One of the questions we ask business leaders regularly is “how much time did you spend last week deliberately thinking about the future?” The vast majority of people answer with “none” to “not enough.” We … → read

Briefing 0007. How to Stay Informed (And Sane) / Be the Rebel We Need / Meet radical Ally, Kevin Starr

Hi! Welcome to the radical Briefing 0007. One of the core aspects of our work at radical is centered on helping people and organizations not to be afraid of the future. Yes, there are many things we need to do, and we have some big and scary chall… → read

Briefing 0006. Don’t fall for the Time Horizon Fallacy / Your Organization’s Worldview is Shaping Your Future / Meet radical Ally, Samantha Snabes

Hi! Welcome to the radical Briefing 0006. If you are anything like us, there are way too many things to do, way too many emails to answer and way too much fist-pumping exciting stuff you really, really want to get to! Every day, we have to keep te… → read

Briefing 0005. Accelerators are dead. Long live the Accelerator. / Leading Through Uncertainty / Meet radical Ally, Eli Bressert

Hi! Welcome to the radical Briefing 0005. 2019 has certainly started with a bang! Whether you are still deep in figuring out what work is to be done; Or charging headlong into your exciting new plans – We recommend taking a few moments pause to re… → read

Briefing 0004. Disrupt Disruption / Business is Changing, So Must the Way We Set Strategy / Meet radical Ally, Daniel Epstein

Hi! Welcome to the radical Briefing 0004. And Happy New Year! We hope 2019 has started great. We are truly excited about what we can and will achieve in this bright new year. We are even more committed to creating a year of radical impact and sign… → read

Briefing 0003. Have we reached “Peak Blockchain”?! / Leading Through the Fear of Disruption / Meet radical Ally Carol Reiley

Hi! Welcome to the radical Briefing 0003. A quick tit-bit before we get started: Did you know the word radical was formed from the Latin adjective “radicalis,” which simply meant “of or relating to a root.” This meaning was kept when it came into … → read

Briefing 0002. AI Isn’t Intelligent, Wisdom in the Workplace

Hi! Welcome to the second radical Briefing. We hope you are enjoying our insights, and it is just enough to spark an actionable thought in your week. Here at radical we focus on helping you build momentum toward a positive future. By deepening the… → read

Briefing 0001. Tech Fallacy, Betting the House and Radical Networks

Hi! Welcome to the first radical Briefing (serial number 0001 if you will). As some of you know, when we set sail with radical, we wanted to create something new and useful – something which challenges the status quo and supports those who do. We … → read


Our thought-leaders share their latest ideas, insights and personal experiences on building the ‘future organization’. Explore interviews, videos, keynotes, blog posts and other resources we’ve made available here. No BS. Instead facts, insights and opportunities.

Meet radical Daniel Holle.

Daniel Holle is Product Manager for Google X Loon, building stratospheric internet balloons. Before Loon he worked on Android, where he launched the Android Auto entertainment system into hundreds of cars globally. Daniel is an entrepreneurial mind… → read

Meet radical Maxx Bricklin.

Maxx is a Principal at BOLD Capital Partners. Previously, Maxx served as the Head of Investments and an Entrepreneur in Residence at PHD Ventures (Peter H. Diamandis). He worked as a Strategic Consultant for both Singularity University and the XPRI… → read

Meet radical Tom Chi.

Tom Chi has pioneered a unique approach to rapid prototyping and leadership that can jumpstart innovative new ideas and move large organizations at unprecedented speeds. He was head of Product Experience at Google X, and currently works to accelera… → read

Meet radical Ally Mary Grove.

Mary Grove is the co-founder of Silicon North Stars, a nonprofit that aims to educate and inspire young Minnesotans from economically underserved communities toward futures in tech. She previously spent 14 years at Google where she was the founding… → read

Meet radical Ally Kevin Starr.

Kevin Starr directs the Mulago Foundation which finds and funds high-performance organizations that meet the basic needs of the very poor. He established the Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program and Henry Arnhold Fellows Program which concentrate on find… → read

Meet radical Ally Samantha Snabes.

Samantha is an officer in the Air National Guard and the CEO and Co-Founder for re:3D where she works with dirty fingernails facilitating global connections between others printing at the human-scale and/or using recycled materials. A serial entre… → read

Meet radical Ally Eli Bressert.

Eli love’s putting big ideas into action by connecting the impossible. He’s currently the Head of Siri Platform Science & Insights at Apple. Before that, he spearheaded and led R&D, engineering, and data teams at companies like Stitch Fix, … → read

Don’t Buy Into the Internet’s Exponential BS Machine.

The Internet buzz machine is going bonkers over the latest “breakthrough” in robotics: Autonomous Delivery Robots. From Postmates’ bug-eyed Serve robot, and Starship’s little six-wheeled cooler-on-wheels look-a-like, PepsiCo’s fleet of snack-delive… → read

Meet radical Ally Daniel Epstein.

Daniel’s life has been shaped by a fundamental belief that entrepreneurship is the answer to nearly all the issues we face today. By the time he received his undergraduate degree in philosophy, he’d already started three companies. In 2012 he was r… → read

Meet radical Ally Carol Reiley.

We are delighted to kick-off the first “radical Ally Interview” with Carol Reiley. Carol is an industry leader in robotics and AI and was the youngest member on the IEEE Robotics & Automation board. She co-founded and is a Board Member of drive… → read