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The radical Briefing is a bi-weekly email digest that gives you brief and personal explanations of the future of business – covering ‘radical’ news, research, lessons, people, and ideas. If you want an easy-to-read take on new technologies, and how they affect business models, methods, culture, and leadership sign up below today!

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Our thought-leaders share their latest ideas, insights and personal experiences on building the ‘future organization’. Explore interviews, videos, keynotes, blog posts and other resources we’ve made available here. No BS. Instead facts, insights and opportunities.

Meet radical Daniel Holle.

Daniel Holle is Product Manager for Google X Loon, building stratospheric internet balloons. Before Loon he worked on Android, where he launched th… → More

Meet radical Maxx Bricklin.

Maxx is a Principal at BOLD Capital Partners. Previously, Maxx served as the Head of Investments and an Entrepreneur in Residence at PHD Ventures (… → More

Meet radical Tom Chi.

Tom Chi has pioneered a unique approach to rapid prototyping and leadership that can jumpstart innovative new ideas and move large organizations at… → More

Meet radical Ally Mary Grove.

Mary Grove is the co-founder of Silicon North Stars, a nonprofit that aims to educate and inspire young Minnesotans from economically underserved c… → More

Meet radical Ally Kevin Starr.

Kevin Starr directs the Mulago Foundation which finds and funds high-performance organizations that meet the basic needs of the very poor. He estab… → More

Meet radical Ally Samantha Snabes.

Samantha is an officer in the Air National Guard and the CEO and Co-Founder for re:3D where she works with dirty fingernails facilitating global co… → More

Meet radical Ally Eli Bressert.

Eli love’s putting big ideas into action by connecting the impossible. He’s currently the Head of Siri Platform Science & Insights at Apple. Be… → More

Don’t Buy Into the Internet’s Exponential BS Machine.

The Internet buzz machine is going bonkers over the latest “breakthrough” in robotics: Autonomous Delivery Robots. From Postmates’ bug-eyed Serve r… → More

Meet radical Ally Daniel Epstein.

Daniel’s life has been shaped by a fundamental belief that entrepreneurship is the answer to nearly all the issues we face today. By the time he re… → More

Meet radical Ally Carol Reiley.

We are delighted to kick-off the first “radical Ally Interview” with Carol Reiley. Carol is an industry leader in robotics and AI and was the young… → More


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