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Our Academy.

You need to navigate and envision multiple possibilities in a less predictable future. You need to gain actionable insights to truly transform your business into a future-forward organization. You need a new mindset, and a new toolbox. You need to be able to do all of this in-house with hundreds, maybe thousands of employees.

The radical Academy aims to equip you and your team with the knowledge and tools to build your ‘future organization’.

We believe you know your business better than anyone, so we won’t consult you. Instead, we will train your people on the tools and exercises we deliver every day, so that you too can create new business models for success, teach colleagues how to positively embrace disruption, and prepare your people to be future forward and — ready.

We are here to help you help yourself. Whether that’s adopting an exponential mindset to understand both intellectually and viscerally the accelerating rate of change, or gaining an embodied understanding of possible futures by mastering a set of tools and models for future forecasting, training you and your team is the fastest way to create lasting change and impact.

Our experts and seasoned facilitators are ready and excited to discuss with you and make a recommendation for your specific needs.

A Selection of our Workshops.

Abundance Business Model.

Application of the abundance business model framework to a business unit’s products and services to identify gaps, threats, and opportunities in the current offering and go-to-market strategy (group-based exercise).

Reverse Engineering Platform Business Models.

Group-based activity to analyze and reverse engineer a business unit’s value chain to identify opportunities to turn existing processes into platform business models.

Rapid Prototyping.

Highly interactive group exercise teaching the core principles of rapid prototyping, design thinking and customer-centric thinking in a hands-on environment.

Stack Models.

Interactive workshop and group-based discussion to identify new business opportunities and areas for optimization alongside the stack model.

Exponential Thinking Primer.

An interactive discussion, with small group exercises, interspersed, framed to deepen the understanding of the nature and impact of exponential technologies, as well as the exponential and abundance mindset.

Disruption Map.

An interactive, high-energy small group exercise to identify the second, third and fourth level future implications (threats and opportunities) of selected technologies or disruptors.

Exponential Red Team Exercise.

A small group exercise designed to stress-test the existing business and business models and create new, disruptive business ideas which, if implemented by a 3rd party, have the potential to unseat the incumbent.

Cone of Uncertainty.

A group exercise and facilitated discussion to introduce and practice the “Cone of Uncertainty” concept and its implications for future planning.

Pace Layer Model.

Application of the pace layer model of change in an individual exercise with share-outs and group discussion; aimed at deepening the insights around the deep-rooted factors affecting change and leading to disruption and systems change.

Purpose & Mission.

A team-based exploration of purpose and mission statement based on the Verb/Target/Outcome methodology. Followed by a facilitated discussion of its application on the individual/group/unit/company level.

Rituals, Artifacts & Storytelling.

Individual and group work to explore the power of storytelling, narrative as well as the creation of artifacts and rituals as a powerful tool to initiate and sustain organizational change.

We are waiting to discuss your needs and answer your questions. Please email us at hello@beradicalgroup.com or complete our inquiry form, and we will be in touch shortly.