be radical.

We have a ‘designed alliance’ for our customers. It’s a social contract we make with everyone we work with – it’s how we see the world and what we want to bring to it.

Rules for Radicals guide how we think about our clients and how we do our work. It’s how we want to show up, and how we care. These are the rules we live by and guide our work. We reckon they are good for us all.

Take them, adopt them, share them. Do them. A positive future awaits.

Rules for Radicals.

Make Better Clients – Work with clients because what you do can significantly help. Know your strengths and value. That does not mean you can help everyone. Only work with a client if you can make them better. Do not compromise on quality and value creation.

Grasp Things at the Root – Philosopher, radical activist, and educator Angela Davis claimed we must work to understand what lies at the core and work out from there. Uncover and focus on the actual issue. If you want to create change, you must start at the beginning.

GyShiDo! – There are no short-cuts, excuses, hand-me-ups. Work with a razor-sharp focus on a single task (there’s no such thing as multi-tasking), and get things done. Success is earned by doing the work, putting in the hours, making it count.

Always Aim High – Strive to do things better. Set high standards for yourself and others. Being excellent in your word and deed breeds progress, and has the potential to raise everyone up along with you.

Work with Ease – Operate with grace and gratitude. We are given opportunities each day to connect with amazing humans beings and do good work. Be present to what you can also bring along with the job to be done.

Be on Purpose – Karen and Henry Kimsey House, the co-founders of The Coaching Institute claim that doing so is a ‘radical act’. In fact, life is a constant challenge to honor what we value, and to manifest what we care most deeply about. Never ever compromise or give up.

Create a Positive Future – Our obligation as human beings require we balance the short term and long term. The actions you take today will have consequences for tomorrow. Be consequential in what you build, how you build it and for whom.

Be Radical – Don’t stand on the sidelines. Be the voice, the change. Nothing can change if we don’t take a stand. Get moving from neurons to atoms. And, be courageous in a way that’s wholehearted as well as heretical.